Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Body For Women

I have to be honest.
I have an addiction.

It's nothing too major - but I can't seem to make it through a day without Body For Women's Lo Carb Bites.

From the Body For Women Website:
"Body Bites were developed by some of Australia’s leading nutritionist with one major goal in mind, to provide health conscious females with the tools to make healthier eating options. The low calorie high protein Body Bites offers versatility by providing quick and easy snacks helping to control your appetite. Body Bites are created as a snack replacement with 10% RDI of the Vitamins & Minerals plus thermogenics & Lipotropics. Satisfy your hunger cravings without sacrificing your diet."

39 Calories per bite is fantastic for that 3:30 itis.
In fact, it is a well know fact in my office that we meet at this time for a refreshed cup of herbal tea, fill our water bottles and indulge in a bite or two*.
It is just the perfect amount of chocolate, and sweet, required to finish up the work day.

Now that I have introduced these into an office full of health conscious women, I need to work out a way to buy these in bulk.
Unfortunately, purchasing through Body For Women directly means I can not have them shipped to my PO Box and since I work full time it's impossible to arrange a courier delivery.

I am getting desperate to try the "On The Go" Protein Shakes but they seem to be continually out of stock online [No luck at my local supermarkets either]

The Details:
10 Pack from the Body For Women Website
Or purchase individual packs from Coles or Safeways for $3.95 each.

For more information [and a heap of helpful FREE information] check out 

*Recommended serving size is a full bag [6 Bites] - as I do not have a sweet tooth and am on a strict calorie intake, I limit myself to two bites per day.

I first tried Body For Women Lo Carb Bites in a Gift Bag supplied at an event.
Since then, I have purchased them on my own.
This has in no way shaped my opinion of Lo Carb Bites.
For more information check out my Disclosure Policy


  1. Booourns, I just tried these cos EVERYONE has recommended them, and I just don't like them. Too dry and the centre has no flavour to me :(

    1. Oh that makes me sad.
      I push these because I honestly believe they are the greatest things I have ever eaten. Ever.

      I'm sorry you don't like them :(


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