Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Queen VB

Remember Sunday's post about how The Agency had opened?

Well, late Sunday evening I placed my first order.
Guess what arrived at my front door at 9am on Tuesday morning?

Yep, my new bundle of joy.

The Queen VB - Birkin inspired tote.
It is even more beautiful that the photos show.

Get yours at The Agency Boutique today
Queen VB retails at $180

And be quick, Free Shipping is available for the first week only!


  1. oooooh there she is. She is sooooo pretty.

    1. Yep - it was definitely love at first sight!
      AND bonus it fits my iPad, DSLR, Diary, Purse, Full sized "Freak" perfume and all the other bits and pieces I need on my daily adventures.

  2. Mine doubles as a nappy bag! LOL. I love the size. Xx

    1. I would imagine it would be big enough! I added a folded blazer and my macbook to the above list this morning and it still isn't full!
      Definitely my sized bag


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