Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No Buy July

Ever since moving to Melbourne almost 6 months ago I have been on a constant "Wardrobe Update".
I need winter clothing.
New shoes for the office.
Blazers for corporate life.
Accessories appropriate for my new job.

Not to mention the costs in actually relocating, I am back in my living week-to-week cycle [or rather, fortnight to fortnight paycheck cycle]

That needs to change.
I have pinned WAY too many things that I MUST have in my apartment.

So therefore, I am doing...

Yep. That's right.
The spending ban to end all spending bans.
An entire calender month of no purchasing anything apart from the basics of living
[Food, Bills, Petrol etc]
No clothes, No makeup, No accessories, No shoes.
And most of all - NO iTUNES PURCHASES!

I am entering Day 3 and all is going well.
My best friend is the shopping cart. I add to cart. Then I close the window.
It's like shopping without the debt.

It's not too late to join me.
Let me know if you embarking on No-Buy July in the comments.
Will be awesome to have some allies whilst my fingers ache from longing to click "buy" and my paypal weeps from neglect.

- If you are embarking on this journey with me, feel free to use the above image in your blog post - just be sure to link back here lovelies.
And let me know, I will pop your name in the post - Link Love all round x

Edit**  If you are NOT participating - be sure to check out the current AMAZING deal Hairhouse Warehouse is offering


  1. Haha I'm having a three month spending ban, which started as of 1st of July! Already it's so tough haha!
    But yay for moving to Melbourne, greatest city ever ;) (I obviously live there lol!)
    Good luck on your no buy July :D

    1. Three months? Ouch. Go you!
      I don't actually have that much faith that I will get through a full month so I admire your will power.
      Best of luck!

  2. good gracious, good luck! I wish I could do this but the minute I decide I am not doing something I instantly want it REALLY BAD and go shopping. So I find it better to not stop myself from doing anything, cos then I normally don't do it. I don't think that makes sense... eh.

    1. See, as soon as I admit out loud that I am on a spending ban, major sales start flooding my inbox.
      Spent almost an hour last night unsubbing from my fav stores so I didn't have to hear about them

  3. Hello,

    Can totally sympathise. As of last week I put myself on a makeup ban - it is getting out of control. I have so much stuff I don't use...So much stuff i've bought that i'm yet to use. So ban for the rest of the year. Realistic? Probably not. Here's hoping Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balms don't come here within the year cause I'll be too weak to resist...

    I need some strategies in place to stop myself.

    1. My only strategy?
      Not having the funds to buy right now.
      I don't have a credit card (anymore) and I have transferred any money I had into a "super dooper savings account" thing that I can't touch unless I physically go into my bank and withdraw. I am WAY too lazy for that.

  4. Oh I don't have the self control for this, my haul post is coming up and you'll see how bad I am with shopping. I'm still saving but def spending this last week :) Good luck!

    1. The worst part about spending bans is the haul that will happen at the end of the ban

  5. iTunes is my biggest enemy! It is so easy to spend up without realising!

    1. I know! I need to unlink it from my credit card.
      But if I do that all my season passes I have bought won't download as they become available, and I need my SVU and Bones :)

      I have unlinked all my approved "paypal" applications.


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