Monday, July 2, 2012

June Photo A Day - Round Up

I finally did it.
Completed* an entire month of Chantelle's Photo A Day Challenge.

Photos after the jump in case you want to skip my month in photos x

Day One. 
My daily traffic struggle - Please note, my car was parked and turned off, it was the third red light and traffic was failing to move due to an accident up ahead

Day Two.
My car is full of empty takeaway tea cups and water bottles.

Day Three.
On Your Plate
Chia seeds and Banana. Yummers. 

Day Four.
Close Up

Day Five.

Day Six.

Day Seven.

Day Eight.
6 O'Clock

Day Nine.
My View

 Day Ten.
Best Part Of Your Weekend
Hot bath and Peppermint Magazine. Bliss.

 Day Eleven.
Not my door. I was playing tour guide for my out of states friends.
This is a cell door @ Melbourne Gaol. 

 Day Twelve.
From A Low Angle

 Day Thirteen.

 Day Fourteen.

 Day Fifteen.

 Day Sixteen.
Out And About
Yarraville is so cute and hipster.

 Day Seventeen.
In Your Bag
I need to clean it out I think.

 Day Eighteen.
Something We Don't Know About You
I like to think the lights out my back window are UFO's.
Yeah - I <3 X-Files and I am NOT ashamed to admit it.

Day Nineteen.
My tattoo.
At first I hated it, now I love it.
Family is everything, no matter how different or imperfect it is.

Day Twenty.
Favourite Photo You Have Ever Taken.
This. This photo captures a memory I never want to forget.

Day Twenty One.
Where You Slept
Between these two cuties.
My morning cuddle crew who wake up and come running for morning snuggles and cereal in bed.

Day Twenty Two.
From A High Angle
Collins Street looks so beautiful from this angle.

Day Twenty Three.

Day Twenty Four.
On Your Mind
[See Day 20.]

Day Twenty Five.
Something Cute
I miss my Oliver.

Day Twenty Six.
Where You Shop
[I didn't shop on this day - shock!]

Day Twenty Seven.

Day Twenty Eight.
On The Shelf
Nope, I don't work for Body Science, I am THIS addicted.

Day Twenty Nine.
Anyone else get the Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty song stuck in their head from this prompt?

 Day Thirty.
This just proves that anyone can be friends.
These two love each other despite having a 50kg+ weight difference.
People should take lessons from animals.

* Okay, so there are two days without photos.
One, because it would be a double up.
Two, because I didn't do that activity, nor go anywhere near anywhere where I could complete that activity.


  1. Congrats sticking to it, the best I've managed to do is get up to day 15.

    1. Thanks :)
      I think it was easier keeping them off Instagram and Twitter.
      Marked them off my to-do list in my diary everyday, hence why some are staged [Movement] because I didn't know the prompt until the afternoon


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