Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The End Of No-Buy July

Ahh, it is ALREADY the 31st of July.
NO idea how that happened - I think I blinked and I missed it.

I have been doing my own shop-a-holic version of Dry July called No Buy July where I don't buy anything.
I have been doing okay - no internet purchases [phew!] and only nessessities purchased
[If you saw me over at the MAC counter on Saturday, Foundation is TOTALLY a necessity]

Here are a few things I have been drooling over on my forced spending hiatus.
Things that as soon as the floodgates open, will be popped onto my credit card before you can say "Expiry Date".

June was the end of my Subscription box subscriptions, I was receiving too many beauty samples and not enough space or face to put it all.
THEN, I discovered Panty By Post.
Imagine opening your mail once a month, and receiving a beautiful pair of high quality knickers?

You would totally be let off the hook for owning a Onsie if you were rocking a pair of these babies underneath :)

You have the choice of receiving a mixture of briefs and g-strings, or one or the other.
PBP are available in x-small all the way up to xxxx-large there are panties to suit all sizes.

Best part? Sign up for 12 months, and each pair will only cost $18 - that's on par with a pair of Bonds boylegs and a whole lot sexier!

Check out PBP for more info.

 Unlike the rest of the country, I am super sad that winter is 2/3 over.
It is BY FAR my favourite season, I love everything about Winter.
The dark afternoons, the cold, the iced up car windscreens, the hot coffee, the scarves, the boots, the tights and most of all - my UGG boots!

I don't break the number one fashion rule of wearing them in public. But you can guarantee as soon as the temp drops below 20 degrees, I unpack these babies and wear them around the house, through the drive through, designated driver duties, anywhere that doesn't include potentially being seen by an street fashion photographer, or worse, an ex.
Worst part about them? My uggs are knee high, so right about now, it just gets too unbearable to wear them. Sweaty feet is NOT attractive.

That is where UMZ Original comes to the rescue.
These are my kind of slippers. Over the ankle for winter, unzip them and they become slip on, slippers :) Perfect!
For just $139, I am calling these a NECESSITY for the coming months.
Check them out UMZ Online

 Melbourne is NOTORIOUS for living in black during winter.
With another month before spring, these gorgeous red patent leather heels are sure to be a knockout!

And at $179 - I have a void in my wardrobe that only these babies can fill.
Check out Squire Shoes for some hot anti-winter blues.

As for No-Buy July, not quite as successful as I had hoped.

Despite not buying anything aside from the essentials, a few big purchases that had to be made [Ugh, Gym Fees, ugh, Health Insurance, ugh Tax Accountants] plus flights to attend a couple of interstate events, I still haven't managed to save anything.

So, guess you all know what THAT means.
Yep - No-Buy August!

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