Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's Hot on Twitter; Rebecca Black

This weeks Twitter craze is about a 13yr old California girl named Rebecca Black.

In case you have been living under a rock, it has caused controversy all over Social Networking sites.

Anyone else think she looks like Rachel Berry?

Whilst the song is not my cup of tea, the lyrics are simple and repetitive and have clearly been over edited, you have to give the girl some credit for getting up there and having a go. She has been inundated with criticism but she has refused to back down.
According to The Daily Beast, Black said: 'Those hurtful comments really shocked me. At times, it feels like I’m being cyber-bullied.' 

If she ends up quitting the music biz, you can bet the song will make it into school curriculum with lyrics such as "Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after".
 Toddlers would have the days of the week sorted quite quickly.

I do have to admit that I would LOVE to see a Beiber/Black mashup on "Glee"

And in case you want to see it, Click below for the Youtube link.

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