Friday, August 19, 2011

NOTD: Cafe Latte

I picked up this colour back in June when I did a bit of a haul at Priceline.
Since then, I put the shades in a "special spot" so I would remember to swatch them ASAP.
Guess what?
I forgot where I put them.

So, without further ado, I present Models Prefer in "Cafe Latte"

Firstly, I love the brush. In theory. It is wide and reminds me of Rimmel.
I should love it. I don't. It has very hard plastic bristles which do not hold the polish and it was impossible to get a decent "swipe" onto the nail.

Once you actually get the colour onto your nail the formula is fantastic.
It isn't the quickest drying polish so you do have to be careful not to dent or smudge whilst drying.
Dry, the polish has a lovely sheen and would look amazing with some Konad designs over it.

I do love the colour, and the name suits it really well.

The Models Prefer range have some fantastic colours and at $5.99 they won't break the bank.
I will repurchase because the formula is good, the colours are fabulous and I can always use a pre-loved Rimmel brush for application, IF the other brushes are just as bad.

As always, these were photographed with 2 colour coats and no top coat.

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