Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Products of the Week

Due to sharing a bathroom [AKA Primping Space] with two other adults and two small things with grabby hands and a love of stealing borrowing things, my beauty stash is in hiding.

These have been my most reached for beauty prodz in the last week.

Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara
Whilst this isn't my most favourite mascara, it is a close second
Been using this one a lot this week because my eyes are being ridic sensitive and watery.

Bloom Boost Juice Lip Balm - Mango Tango
Dear Melbourne, I love you.
Though, my skin is not doing too well with the adjustments.
My lips are not faring much better.
But this little gem is amazing.
Hydrating, long wearing AND mango scented.
Yep. Bomb-Digitty.
I'll be able to wear lipstick in time for Fashion Week!

Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Liquid Foundation.
When both my Bourjois Healthy Mix AND Illamasqua Skin Base ran out last weekend, I did panic.
Then I remembered this little gem.
Whilst it doesn't give me the complete coverage I need, it is the perfect base for my Illamasqua Powder

Benefit 10 Boxed Powder
Just because it's amazing, and super duper quick.
And I prefer to sleep then spend AGES getting ready in the morning.
Really, Bronzer AND highlight in one sweep? GE-NI-US
[And also, I've had this FOREVER. and look, still going strong]

So, What were your favourite [and most used items] this week?
Items in italics were provided to me for consideration.
This has not influenced my opinion of them in any way.
See my Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. ooooh I am desperate to try a FOA foundation, is is a dewy finish or matte?

    1. Hi doll,
      It's a dewey finish.
      I can't wear solo because of pigmentation as well as constant dark circles but the formula is great for those only needing a light cover.
      Thanks for reading xo

  2. I love Mango Tango!

    I need to get Benefit 10. I thought I had a box, but can't find it anywhere (wouldn't surprise me if Pacman has it hidden in the toy box!)

    1. I remember you saying you were thinking about getting this one after my initial review?
      I think you only had the blushes though? Could be wrong, was a VERY early post.

    2. Though, I have to say I am glad I am not the only person dealing with little people who like to play "hide-all-the-things"...
      Miss3 gave me a "prize" last night for winning one of her made up games.

      Was my Royal & Langnickle Smudger that I thought I had lost!


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