Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Karpati Dito; Midnight Romance

If you read March Edition; Lust Have It you will have seen that I was very excited to try out the Karpati Dito Nail Lacquer I received.

Karpati was a brand I had not heard of before.
But, being free from Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phtalate was a huge tick from me.

The bottle is featured in the New York Museum of Modern Art "Design Collection".
It fits between fingers, like a ring, to hold the bottle steady for easier application. 

 I received one of the 8 available shades of Shimmer Lacquers, named Midnight Romance. A deep, shimmering purple that looks almost blue in some lights.
There are 13 classic colours plus 7 refract shades.

The polish formula is magic, fast drying, opaque in two coats and hard wearing.
My biggest problem was the bottle.
The idea is genius, though slightly gimicky. 
I found it incredibly difficult to create neat, straight lines whilst trying not to tip the contents everywhere.

Karpati Dito Nail Lacquers RRP at $19.95 for 8mL bottles.
I received this lacquer as part of a Lust Have It subscription.

If you have purchased Karpati Dito Lacquers online or in-store , please share your recommendations. 


  1. You got such an awesome colour! Mine was a silver. I don't really like silver nails so I haven't used it yet. I did think it would be hard to paint with because I would've been worried about spilling. I guess my fears were justified :)

  2. Hi Rin,
    Thanks for reading - and commenting.

    It is a gorgeous colour - but I think I might have to somehow "de-pot" and put into an old, empty polish bottle.

    I love silver polishes for nail art - do you have a Konad?
    A silver pattern would look amaze over a black or deep purple feature nail.

  3. interesting packaging! i haven't seen one like that :) thank you for sharing. will hunt for this online. hehehe :)

    xoxo, misskatv.com ❤

  4. Loving the nail posts sweets, I received the Red colour but i think i kind of like the colour you got more. Yeah i had a crack at using the holder thingie but it felt really strange and a bit alien in my hands. This colour kind of sort of reminds me of Chanel Vendetta. Close but not smack on.

  5. Love the colour, hate the bottle. I agree with the gimmicky part. Seems really fiddly and annoying.

  6. That is such a stunning colour, I've been looking for a deep rich purple that is good quality since the last time I got a colour like that it was from Sportsgirl and it was the worst formula I've ever used. Love it!


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